Creative Encounters: Cultural partnerships between Asia and Europe
Tay Tong, Arts Network Asia (ANA) Director
T: +65-6737 7213

Förderung von Kooperationsprojekten zwischen Asien und Europa
Die Asien-Europa-Stiftung (ASEF) und das Netzwerk der Künste in Asien (ANA) fördern in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Europäischen Netzwerk Trans Europe Halles Kooperationsprojekte zwischen Kulturakteuren aus Asien und Europa. Die Ausschreibung richtet sich an gemeinschaftliche künstlerische Projekte, die den europäisch-asiatischen Dialog auf zivilgesellschaftlicher Ebene intensivieren und insbesondere der kulturellen und interkulturellen Zusammenarbeit dieser beiden Schwerpunktregionen neue Impulse verleihen. An den Projekten müssen mindestens zwei Partner teilnehmen, von denen einer aus einem europäischen ASEM-Land (u.a. Deutschland) stammen muss und ein Partner aus einem asiatischen ASEM-Land.

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Arts Network Asia (ANA)and the European network Trans Europe Halles, will jointly promote this initiative for projects taking place between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013.

ASEF, ANA and TEH have maintained active roles in fostering connectivity and engagement across cultures through artistic collaborations, exchanges and dialogues. Through this programme they aim to reinforce Asia-Europe exchanges with the objective of deepening mutual understanding between cultural communities in the two regions.

ASEF, ANA and TEH encourage organisations to submit multilateral projects that engage as many partners and participants from ASEM countries (Asia Europe Meeting ) to reflect diversity between the two regions.

This initiative includes the following as criteria for consideration

- Artistic/creative projects that facilitate collaboration, dialogue and exchanges between Asia and Europe.

- Networking projects that offer networking opportunities, encourage initiative of collaborative projects, platform for sharing common network’s interests and benefit for greater public.

- Projects in any discipline of contemporary arts (e.g. performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, film, new media) or cross-disciplinary projects.

- Projects that engage as many partners and participants from ASEM countries (Asia Europe Meeting1)

- The content should reflect the cultural diversity of Asia and Europe with the aim of showing different perspectives from the two regions.

- Generate an artistic outcome with and outreach to public through public components (e.g. performances, exhibitions, training modules, toolkits, new curatorial strategies, new / improved methodologies of working).

- Projects are required to be sustainable and this grant does not provide seed funding or operational grants.

- Proposed jointly by a minimum of 2 partner organisations in Asia and Europe, one partner from each region.

- Applicants should be from ASEM countries.

- Projects should take place in ASEM countries.

The support for each project will be up to SGD 25,000. Selected projects are expected to secure additional funding, sponsorship or in-kind contribution from other partners or sponsors.

30. Juni 2012


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